Democracy Now

Let’s do this in St Louis. An artist’s collective that supports homegrown functional art.
Shopping bags, jewelry, poster art, fiber art,  food art

“Mondragon Corporacion Cooperativa or the Mondragon Co-operative Corporation (MCC) is a business-based socioeconomic initiative with deep roots in the Basque Country, created for and by people and inspired by the Basic Principles of our Co-operative Experience.  It is firmly committed to the environment, competitive improvement and customer satisfaction in order to generate wealth in society through business development and the creation of, preferably co-operative employment which:

  • Is based on a firm commitment to solidarity and uses democratic methods for organization and management.
  • Fosters participation and the involvement of people in the management, profits and ownership of their companies, developing a shared project which unites social, business and personal progress.
  • Fosters training and innovation through the development of human and technological skills, applying its own Management Model aimed at helping companies become market leaders and fostering Co-operation.” (emphasis in original) –approved by the 7th Congress 26 May 1999, and remains in force to this day.

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